Compact Flash Drives

It's so easy to outgrow a computer these days--especially a laptop or palmtop computer--and the easiest way is by running out of memory.  There are many ways to fix this problem, from ZIP drives to memory upgrades, to simply trading up to the brightest and best new computer.  But when we were faced with a memory shortage, we found the best way to solve it was with a compact flash drive.  In fact, we were so blown away by compact flash drives that we decided to put together Compact Flash Drives, so everyone could learn what great tools they are.

What Are Compact Flash Drives?
Compact flash drives are USB-port devices that can hold dozens of megabytes and are small enough to fit on a key chain.  The first flash drives required you to download drivers before you could plug them into the USB port.  But the latest models offer true plug-and-play functionality, with no drivers necessary.

What Makes Compact Flash Drives Great?
Compact flash drives should be the death knell for floppy-disk drives.  Unlike floppies, which can easily become defective and hold very little data, compact flash drives (or USB flash drives) are very small, portable, and tough.  They also have comparatively huge storage capacity. 

Compact flash memory drives can hold from 8 megabytes to 1 gigabyte of data, and they are not affected by dust or mold like floppy disks.  Some models even have enhanced features to protect your data from prying eyes.  Many brands and models of USB flash drives are available, often designed to be carried in your shirt pocket or on a key chain.  They are the smallest removable storage devices around, and they're about the size and weight of a disposable lighter, or a pack of gum.
Compact Flash Drives
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